Win-911 is the most widely used alarm notification platform in industry and IIoT. WIN-911 delivers critical alarms & alerts in real-time, integrating with the worlds leading SCADA, HMI and control systems.

WIN-911 uses configuration logic to filter, route and escalate alarms and events to designated recipients through multiple notification methods. WIN-911 supports single and bi-directional communication for alarms, acknowledgements, informational requests and reports.

WIN-911 has been deployed at over 10,000 facilities, in 70 countries and on six continents.

What can WIN-911 do for you?

  1. INCREASE: Reliability of alarm notification; Operational efficiency; Insight into frequent alarm occurrences.
  2. REDUCE: Down time; Operating costs; Material costs.
  3. IMPROVE: Alarm response time; Personnel and public safety; Alarm logging and reports for continuous improvement.


WIN-911 main features:

  • Basic/Advanced notification tactics and strategies
  • Receive alarms via SMS text, Email, Voice calls, or Smartphone/Tablet apps
  • Direct Connects feature for native connection to leading SCADA/HMI systems
  • Patented, script-free, drag&drop user interface
  • Complex shift scheduling made easy using an Outlook/Google style calendar control
  • Rich or plain text report templates
  • Sort, arrange, print or export alarm history
  • Fully localized in 9 languages (English, German, Chinese, etc.)


SCADA integration with Direct Connects

DIrect Connects provide a native connection to leading SCADA/HMI systems, enabling ease of configuration, performance optimization, and syncing of alarms acknowledgements and other data.

The use of Alarm Subscriptions, which filter alarms into WIN-911, eliminates the need to maintain two separate alarm databases providing faster integration, with simplified setup and less on-going maintenance.

Through the strategic partnership between WIN-911 and GE Digital, WIN-911 offers flawless compatibility with iFIX SCADA systems (available for iFIX versions 5.8 and higher). Even more, iFIX customers are entitled to get WIN-911 Essential edition without additional license fees!

Available notification options in WIN-911:

Smartphone apps (Mobile-911): Interactive, intuitive APPS using push notifications for Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

SMS text messaging: Secure, text based alarm notification over cellular networks. Supports both USB and Ethernet IP cellular modems.

Email: Rich HTML or plain text templates support a wide range of devices. Protocol support for SMTP, POP, IMAP, SSL/TLS.

Voice calls: Text-to-speech engine dynamically reads alarm information. Supports VoIP (SIP) or analog phones (USB voice modem).

WIN-911 is available in different editions (click on image to enlarge):

Download the brochure of WIN-911