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We are delighted to share that SINNEO has become an authorized system integrator partner for the DataHub software platform!


DataHub is a real-time software middleware solution from Cogent (a Skkynet company), which has a worldwide user base of over 1,800 customers with over 16,000 installations.


The DataHub is a perfect addition to our solution portfolio, as it provides a fully secure, easy-to-deploy platform for data integration tasks in manufacturing operations. As we often emphasize, reliable data acquisition is the backbone for any smart factory implementation.


So what does the DataHub actually do? It enables a secure, reliable flow of industrial data between, well, anything… It brings data from all different sources into a single, unified data set. Any selected subset of this aggregated data can be accessed by clients using a supported protocol: Modbus, OPC UA, OPC Classic, MQTT, DDE, TCP, ODBC, HTTP, XML, and more.

那么DataHub实际上是做什么的呢?实现工业数据在一个安全、可靠的数据流之间,或任何软硬件…它将来自不同数据源的数据汇集成一个单一的、统一的数据集。聚合数据的任何所选子集都可以被客户端使用不同支持的协议进行访问:Modbus、OPC UA、OPC Classic、MQTT、DDE、TCP、ODBC、HTTP、XML等等。

Just to mention a few possibilities:


  • Log production data from any sources to on-premise or cloud databases


  • Real-time analysis in Excel using automatically updated shop floor data


  • Bridge OPC data between different plant locations


  • Real-time monitoring of production metrics (OEE, work orders, etc.)


  • Send automatic email notifications triggered by data changes


  • Securely stream CCTV-camera data between different servers


Maybe you noticed the plenty occurrences of the word “secure”, apologies for that. But it was the feature that caught our attention about the DataHub platform in the first place, as it applies an unrivalled concept for ensuring uncompromised network security. The unique DHTP (DataHub Transfer Protocol) solution establishes a communication tunnel between 2 DataHub nodes and mirrors the image of all data points from one node to the other, meanwhile keeping ALL firewall ports closed! Because one open firewall port is one too many…

可能您已经注意到了“安全”这个词的大量出现,对此表示歉意。但是,这是引起我们对DataHub平台关注的第一个特点,因为它应用了无与伦比的概念来确保不受损害的网络安全。独特的DHTP(DataHub Transfer Protocol传输协议)解决方案在两个DataHub节点之间建立通信隧道,将所有数据点的映像从一个节点映射到另一个节点,同时关闭所有防火墙端口!因为一个开放的防火墙端口就太多了……

And the best proof that it is not just a marketing humbug: in China for instance, about a half of the nuclear power plants utilize the DataHub platform for data communication (deployed by ABB Energy Automation, a major DataHub system integrator). So as long as your security requirements are on a comparable level with nuclear power plants, your application will be just fine with DataHub. :-)

这是证明它不是营销骗局的最佳证据:例如,在中国大约一半的核电站利用DataHub平台实现数据通信(由ABB Energy Automation,主要DataHub系统集成商部署的)。所以,只要您的网络安全需求想与核电站水平相当,那么您的应用程序就可以使用DataHub。:-)

We look forward to learning more about Your individual data collection and data integration task and together work out an optimal, customized solution to it.



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