iFIX 5.9

iFIX 5.9 is the fourth generation SCADA/HMI system from GE Digital. The new iFIX leverages the latest technologies that help deliver better time to insight and efficiency for your operations, and drive faster time to solution for system integrators. 

iFIX is a true client/server solution for data acquisition, process visualization and supervisory control. It provides power and security for operators and engineers to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their manufacturing environment, equipment and resources.

iFIX 5.9 offers an intuitive user experience, reduces execution errors, and improves operator response time to events and incidents. This new generation of software combines proven SCADA/HMI capabilities - used by thousands of organizations around the globe - with best-in-class new features. 

iFIX 5.9 main features:

  • Never start from scratch, improved efficiency by starting with a model from the model library
  • Structured asset model mapped to the SCADA database
  • Native, responsive web HMI
  • HTML5 object library and content generation
  • Minimized SW maintenance time and cost with zero deployment clients
  • Base API compatible with external HTML5 content
  • Standard layouts and cards such as trends, alarms, alarm summary, KPIs and more
  • Local, remote over LAN/WAN or Internet connections, including VPN
  • Highly secure encrypted communication using SSL / digital certificate 

Real-time operation monitoring

Gain overview of the complete manufacturing operation with animated displays, color coded statuses and data values.

Navigate easily to different areas of operation.

Real-time operation control

All the processes are under control with PID faceplates, pump & valve faceplates, station & equipment mode control and emergency control.

Your choice of client

Multiple client technology: iClient, WebSpace, Terminal Service...

Client-server architecture from single station solution to enterprise applications. Supports hundreds of clients simultaneously.

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Unified mobile HMI

Full-featured mobile HMI on the web, responsive HTML5 based visualization. Available on any devices: iOS, Android or browser based clients.

Web client highlights: no restrictions regarding graphic, scripting or 3rd party objects; zero configuration; multi-instance support.

Server highlights: one-time SCADA configuration; no 3rd party software required; default 54-bit encryption; support for SSL-based security access certification.

Download the brochure of iFIX 5.9