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Why should SMEs invest in Industrial IoT? (video)


A short video shot together with Sournergy, highlighting the following topics:


  • What is IoT and Industrial IoT?  什么是物联网和工业物联网?
  • Why should SMEs invest in IIoT?  中小企业为什么要投资工业物联网?
  • Barriers to IIoT adoption  采用工业物联网的障碍
  • ROI estimation by measurement, with the mobileOEE rental solution  通过测量估算投资回报率,使用mobileOEE租赁方案
  • Takeaway for SMEs  为中小企业的关键点

The video is only in English with subtitles.


Download the presentation slides 下载演讲幻灯片

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