SINNEO has become a UniPi certified Mervis partner


We are glad to share that we have received the certificate from UniPi, proving our capability to complete automation and IoT projects with the Mervis platform.


Mervis is the native software platform supported by the UniPi product series Neuron and Axon. As the authorized reseller and system integrator of the UniPi Industrial IoT controllers, it is our highest priority to build-up and maintain expertise in the installation, configuration and programming of the devices.


In order to complete the certification programme we had to deliver a small-scale test application for HVAC control, using the Axon S105 controller and the xS11 extension module, and write the control algorithms and design a web-HMI in Mervis.

为了完成认证课程,我们交付了一个小型的暖通空调系统控制应用,使用Axon S105控制器和xS11扩展模块,在Mervis软件中编写控制算法并设计一个web-HMI。

We look forward to delivering further successful IIoT and industrial control projects with the open-source controller and gateway solutions from UniPi!



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