Controller and gateway solutions for the Internet of Things

The wide variety of Industrial IoT applications call for flexible, adaptable hardware solutions which can also leverage the benefits of open-source software.

The unique controller solutions from UniPi Technology were designed exactly to fulfill this demand, offering fully configurable hardware that allows easy deployment of platform-independent software solutions, like Node-Red or CODESYS.

We at SINNEO are proud to work together with UniPi as an authorized reseller and system integrator, providing a complete set of services to our customers in China: we take on the responsibility for marketing, distribution, import, technical support and after-sales service of all UniPi products.


UniPi is a technology company from Czech Republic, since 2014 offering industrial controller solutions based on the Raspberry Pi and other IPC compute modules.

All UniPi components are manufactured in the Czech Republic, and each circuit board is marked with unique QR code, allowing to backtrack any individual component in case of failures or reliability issues. On the final product every single sub-assembly can be backtracked, included the info indicating which person was responsible for testing and calibration.


The UniPi hardware products can be applied either as control units or gateway devices, and they have proved in a wide variety of applications: industrial automation, production data acquisition, machine condition monitoring, building automation, smart homes, and so on. 


You can find out more about the different product series of the Industrial IoT Controllers by choosing from the list below or check out our whole range of offerings in the left sidebar of this page.

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