At SINNEO our business revolves around one thing: connectivity.

We help manufacturers connect their crucial assets (such as production machines or utility equipment) into a network - enabling centralized monitoring, control and analysis of all operations.

As they say, if it gets measured, it can be improved.
Without trustable, automatically acquired data on hand, managers "steer the wheels" of the the plant blindfolded.

As your system integrator partner, we provide turn-key solutions to China-based manufacturers, including control systems, data collection service and customized software development.

We are committed to help you resolve practical pain points in manufacturing, amongst others:

How to determine the real OEE of a production cell?
How to get useable data out of old, legacy machines?
How to optimize energy consumption of facility equipment?
How to monitor operations remotely, in a secure platform?
How to aggregate data from different sources in the plant?
How to get informed about process anomalies right away?

...and many more "how to" questions that disturb your plant operations - contact us and let us find the answer to your specific "how to"!

SINNEO - Empowered by Connectivity!

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